Urgent action required to combat fly tipping

In a response to the start of our petition regarding the visible increase in fly tipping in the area the spokesman from Essex county council dismissed there is a problem however since then another release from the county council seems to say quite the opposite. Regardless of what any spokesperson from the council says the visual evidence is plain to see and the actual scale of the tips are getting larger.

Epping Forest is a place that we can all enjoy and appreciate, get out into nature and really appreciate our natural environment but for what seems to be an increasing amount of people it is nothing more than a convenient place to dispose of their waste that they dont wish to pay to dispose of properly. The actual size of these tips is increasing it would seem to a scale which is costing organisations such as the City of London hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to clean up. A cost that potentially has increased because of the County councils decision to scale back the waste disposal centres or tips.

The actual data is hard to corroborate and can be used I would suspect to a defensive advantage, for example if people have to report a fly tip on private land such as the forest the council wont have it entered into their system and so the actual picture of the problem is hard to see on paper but not for us, the ones who see this happening on what is becoming almost a daily basis.

There has been a petition started that you can sign by clicking here

There are other ways that this can be alleviated as well:

Do not let anyone clear rubbish for you without giving you a proper receipt for the waste transfer and disposal.

If your rubbish is found to have been improperly disposed of you will also be responsible for the crime. Successful convictions have been achieved by organisations such as the City of London for the originators of illegally disposed waste.

Plan your projects.

If you are doing DIY and working on your house account for skips or waste disposal in the cost of the project. Most skip companies can not deliver at a moment’s notice especially at weekends so before you end up with waste you hadn’t thought of how to dispose of plan it and dispose of it correctly. Skips are expensive as they are subject to quite heavy levies for waste disposal.

Ensure your waste is being responsibly disposed of

If you are having building work or renovations done there should be an allowance for proper rubbish disposal. Do not allow rubbish from your project to end up as a fly tip. ASK where it is going and ensure you have proof it has been disposed of correctly, you will  be responsible if it turns up as a fly tip.

Check your local waste disposal sites opening times and what waste they accept before loading your vehicle.

Dont be left with waste you thought you could dump in a traditional council dump in your vehicle. The options in Epping Forest district are seriously limited now and you may well be surprised at the limited amount of waste you can dump.  You can find out your limited choices by clicking here

Man with a van.

No one can carry waste commercially without a waste transfer licence. If you have friends with vans etc dont put them in a position where they can be caught without a waste transfer licence and suffer a fine. Many of the speed awareness road stops now have council officials with them to award people illegally carrying rubbish in vans, it’s not worth the fine and most probably they will get turned away from the tips anyway. Many gardeners are falling foul of this, garden waste is rubbish as well and a couple of bags of branches and leaves is no different to a couple of bags of plaster and bricks.

Ignorance is no defense 

Its your waste, your rubbish, your responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t end up illegally dumped, no excuses, if you get caught as the originator of the waste you will be prosecuted.


The City of London is offering a reward for information that leads to a successful conviction of fly tippers, please be vigilant when out and about and if you see this going on then please report it immediately.


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