Fly tipping



Fly tipping is an increasing problem in the area, a problem that is costing the City of London upwards of £400,000.00 a year which is money that could well be spent elsewhere on the improvement and maintenance and upkeep of the forest and also a big drain on local council budgets.

Apart from the financial costs there is also an environmental impact such as pollution and contamination and direct damage to wildlife.

Along with fly tipping general littering is on the increase and it is so saddening to see the evidence of people obviously out enjoying our open spaces that can not find it within themselves to clean up their mess when they leave.

If you use the forest please clear your rubbish as you leave and if you see anyone who is fly tipping then report it. Most people carry smart phones now so even better if you can snap a picture if you see anyone destroying and littering the forest.

You can report it by emailing or if you do not want to directly report ity then let us know on here and we will do so for you.

There is a reward available for anyone who gives information leading to a successful conviction for fly tipping.


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